6 Resistance Band Exercises after Childbirth

Pregnancy and childbirth changes your body in so many ways. Your stomach changes shape as your beautiful baby grows, your hips and pelvis widen, your hormones change, and that’s not to mention all of the other effects that pregnancy and childbirth can have on women! Your body has just created something magical; your baby(ies)! While you should be proud of your body, and embrace your new figure as a wonderful Mother, it’s understandable that you may feel like you want to get back into shape. After all, before you know it, your baby will be a toddler causing havoc as they begin to explore the world. So, if you’re looking for some tips on how to get back into shape after childbirth, you’ve come to the right place!

Here at Booty Lab, we recommend using our Booty Bands to help accelerate your training. You don’t have to be a fitness guru to try them, and they’re a fantastic way of adding another level of difficulty to your workout. Our resistance bands can be added to a plethora of exercises, and are guaranteed to help you see results from your workouts faster than without. From tummy toning booty shaping, our Booty Bands can help you snap back into shape after pregnancy and childbirth.

Why use Booty Bands?

There are many reasons you should consider adding a resistance band to your workout regime, including:

Small and easily packed away

Resistance bands are easy to tuck into a bag or even your pocket when heading out to an exercise class, or even for a run. Unlike many other exercise equipment, they won’t take up loads of space in your home.

Set of three

Our resistance bands come in a set of three, meaning you can work your way up from a small challenge to a larger one as your fitness levels rise: light, medium, and heavy.

Stylish bands

Our Booty Bands are stylish and will compliment your workout attire, whether you’re exercising indoors or outdoors!


Working out shouldn’t be expensive, and our Booty Bands come in a set of three, meaning you only have to make one purchase.

Fast results

Many products online claim fast results but fail to mention the finer details. With Booty Bands, you can begin to see results in as little as a few weeks by using them 2-3 times a week for 15-30 minutes during your workout sessions. The more you use your resistance bands, the faster you’ll see noticeable results!

You’ll also notice results even after the first use! While you might not physically be able to see the results, you’ll be able to feel the burn in your muscles straight away. This feeling means your workout is harder than normal, and will promote visible results sooner.

Full body programme

With your purchase of our Booty Bands, we will provide you with a total body workout that's been written by qualified personal trainers so that you can make the most of your bands right from day one - completely free of charge!

Age doesn’t matter!

Whether you’re a young Mummy or an older Mummy, Resistance bands are also perfect if you want body exercises that are safe and controlled. Band exercises that train the hips and core are particularly important and they protect against lower back pain.

Aid weight loss

If you’re looking to lose weight as well as improve your fitness levels, Booty Bands can help with that! By kicking up your exercise regime a notch, you’ll be burning more calories and promoting weight loss.

Perfect for postpartum exercises

Pelvic floor exercises are recommended for women post pregnancy, and you can use resistance bands to make these exercises more effective!

Small change of injury

Because Booty Bands increase and decrease in resistance according to your ability, you’re very unlikely to injure yourself when using them. However, like with any exercise, it’s important to let your muscles and body rest between workouts. You’ll notice as your strength increases, that your resistance band isn’t doing the job. If this is the case, move to a higher resistance band to improve your strength further.

Exercises after childbirth using Booty Bands


An easy yet effective exercise for postpartum workouts is the squat, and this particular exercise will help engage your thighs, core, and buttocks. Squats can be extremely effective on their own, but with the help of Booty Bands, you’ll see results faster and more noticeable than without. Stand with your feet hip width apart and place your resistance band just above your knees. Cross your arms over your chest and squat, holding your position for a few seconds. Repeat this thirty times for an effective workout! You can of course, choose to do more as time goes on and your fitness levels increase! Remember to listen to your body!

Step out

Another fairly simple exercise that can be extremely effective for your thighs and core is the step out, or otherwise known as the lateral band walk. Stand with your legs hip-width apart and place your Booty Band around your ankles and sidestep to the right, with your left leg following until your feet are hip-width apart again. Sidestep three times to the right in the same motion to complete one rep. Repeat for the left-hand side for your desired amount of reps. Again, keep your hands by your chest. Pro tip: Try to keep tension in the band at all times for a more effective thighs workout.

Bent over row

This workout is great for engaging your core, and working out your arm and chest muscles. Step forward with your right foot and lunge forward, until your right knee is directly over the ankle. Rest your right elbow onto your knee so that your back and neck are straight. Stand on, or loop the Booty Band around your right foot and pull the band up straight to your ribs. You may need a longer and lower resistance band for this exercise. Repeat this action for thirty seconds and repeat on the other side.

The clamshell

This exercise is great for strengthening the core, your glutes, and your pelvic floor muscles. Lay down on your side and place the Booty Band just above your knees. Now, use your elbow to support your head and raise your feet to the same height as your hips while holding your knees on the ground. Lift the upper leg like a 'clam' and hold your feet together. Holding this position will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Repeat this on the other side by flipping around and repeating the steps above, lifting the other leg towards the ceiling. Your core will have to work hard to keep your legs raised, and your glutes will get the clam-like action out of your legs. If you can't lift your knee with your feet up, then put them on the floor until your legs and core have the stamina to do so in the future.

Hip bridge pulse

Another exercise that’s great for working those pelvic floor muscles is the hip bridge pulse. The hip bridge pulse is a tougher and incredibly successful exercise. Place the Booty Band just above your knees and lay down on your back with your palms facing the floor. With your feet hip-width apart, use your glutes and abdominal muscles to raise your pelvis off the floor to a 'bridge' position. Your pelvis is going to be a couple inches off the surface. Walk your feet together, keeping this position.  Hold the bridge and push your knees away from each other, keeping your feet together at all times. Hold your back straight by dragging your belly button to your spine and tucking your pelvis under at all times.

Chest press

Being a Mum doesn’t mean you only want to tone your tummy, hips and thighs. After all, you’ll be carrying your baby often and as they grow and become heavier, you may want to build up the strength in your chest and arms. An easy to remember exercise that will work out your chest and your arm strength is the chest press. Lie on your back with the Booty band around your chest. Put hold onto the band and push towards the ceiling using both hands and bring down slowly. That’s one rep. The slow motion of bringing the band back to your chest will give your arms and chest an extra level of workout. Repeat this 10 times. If you’re new to resistance band training, we recommend using a larger Booty Band with lower resistance until your strength builds up.

As you can see, these workouts are fantastic for new Mums looking to get back into shape after giving birth, but they can also work for regular exercise too! There are 100s of exercises you can incorporate a Booty Band into that will be extremely effective, so try as many as you’d like! If used properly, you’ll begin to notice visible and physical results in a matter of weeks.