Work those glutes.

Compliment your workouts with our Booty Bands to help put focus on and sculpt your glutes! 

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Already seeing progress in my glutes after a few training sessions!

P Hopper - Amazon

Great bands! Love the colours. Very strong and amazing quality. They came in a well sealed packaging including a netted bag to keep for the bands

Martha - Amazon

Amazing quality and very strong, also really like the different design. Highly recommend!

Jamie - Amazon


Using a resistance band during your workouts can help boost your booty gains by focusing your efforts to the glutes. 

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Our bands come with anti-slip inner stitching and made from elasticated cotton for excellent durability. Lifetime warranty included.



Not only are your glutes heavily targeted in our exercise guide, but you can also use the bands to work muscles all over your body!

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Exercise Guide Included

Your bands come with an easy to follow exercise guide to teach you the basics of how to use the bands to grow and shape your glutes.

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